MCB Obstacles:Lifeline

This is our opportunity at Met Con Blue to educate and give insight as to the obstacles you may be encountering during our insane 5km adventure race. For this blog installment, we could just jump into obstacle number 12: Lifeline.  We could tell you all the in’s and out’s, do’s and dont’s, post the “blue”print with specs, so that you may practise this obstacle in your sleep.  Come race day….

Not so fast my pretties. There needs to be challenge, and a sense of mystery. We can tell you that arm strength may be needed.  That an affinity for climbing could shave some time, and water slide experience an asset.  We can also tell you that the obstacle in question is located in the Enchanted Forest, which as you may already have guessed, is a play on words. For more insight, go to our FAQ page and see: Aliens. Check the blog regularly for more obstacle 411.

Tomorrow:Interview with MCBluefoot, and his rise to the top.

5 more days left before the Earlybird is grounded. Let’s do it!

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