Free Your Mind..

and the rest will follow! Meditation is a self-directed routine for relaxing the body and calming the  mind. Meditation exercises make you more aware and observant by focusing on what  is happening in the moment. The word meditation is derived from two Latin  words: ‘meditari,’ which means to think, dwell upon or exercise the mind and  ‘mederi,’ to heal. Although derived from the ancients, many people and animals all over our earth, (and the others), use meditation exercises to relax their minds and bodies. On the cheap, what does this two cents really mean…

We took this tip straight from the big man upstairs, Bluefoot…”when I meditate, I visualize myself doing everything I want to accomplish in my short and primal existence. I reaffirm I will be happy, I will find love, and I will own the Met Con Blue Mountain Adventure Race…DEUCES !!”.

Said like a true champion.

If we could take anything away from this Blog, it would be that if you visualize yourself crossing the finish line smiling and laughing, you probably will. BLUE – RA !!

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