MCB Promo Whip Means More Winning!

Hey Y’all. Exciting news! Met Con Blue is rolling out a new Promo Ride. What does this mean for mes petits soldats (meaning  already registered for Met Con Blue)…

Everytime you see this ride, you run up and take one photo and post it to Facebook, send us a copy, and come race day,

you get yourself some sweet little “badunkadunk” in your Race Pak.

We know the Race Pak is cool, with the juicy Met Con Blue T, the fresh cammy bandany, the snoop diggity dog tag necklace, and the edible paint and tattoos…ok they are not edible, but we are just saying…you get a lot, but now,

Met Con Blue gives you the chance for even more. No other race organization pulls this out?

Register now if you have seen this truck, post the photo, so you may keep … WINNING!

We will also be announcing Promo Whip Events where we will post our location, and run on-the-spot-giva-a-ways.

Bring it, and leave it all on the mountain, Met Con Blue Style!!

BLUE – RA !!



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