Met Con Blue Love Don’t Cost A Lot

Thank you all for the Met Con Blue Love! We felt it this week as our Earlybird amped through the universe. We will be posting our Earlybird winner Monday March 5th, 2012, 8:00 am, right here on the Blog and our Facebook pages. For those wannabe’s, do not despair, we have something else in store, as we are the complete package that always give’s you more. Our pledge…

to get you off the couch, chat room or second life; throw away those Dirty Dancing, Mamma Mia, and Nacho Libre DVD’s, and mud-slide into the land of the living. Yes this does mean fresh air, fun times, and new friends to add on Facebook. Also, ice cold beer and our signature sandwich, sick beats, and the whole day is à-la-carte!! (universal for: anything goes)

In the pipeline: “Met Con Blue Love Don’t Cost A Lot” Single Release Party announcing soon!

Met Con Blue Mountain Adventure Race: the most insane 5 km mountain adventure race on the planet!

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