ALC BLUE WARRIORS are in the mix…..

Another team has submitted their team logo, and isn’t she a beauty!                                 ALC BLUE WARRIORS….  

Now our very own Bluefoot has reported many recruits have starting to run the hills…. Could this team be one of them?

Whether it has been this team running the hills or not, they have definitely spent some time at the hill! We’ve had some teams declare that they know Blue Mountain Resort, better then any other team.  However ALC BLUE WARRIORS might question that…  You see the ALC stays for Active Life Conditioning, the Blue stays for Blue Mountain Resort, and together these two have joined forces to create the ALC BLUE WARRIORS….

We look forward to seeing these fine warriors on June 2nd, as they stand among many ready to conquer the most insane 5km mountain adventure race on the planet!                 Who will take the glory?  Will it in fact be the ALC BLUE WARRIORS or could it be…..

Bluewater Vikings     Fruit Loops     Grunt and Finesse     Mountain Thrashers                     Purple Sherpas     Slippery When Blue     Agony of De Feet      Crossfit Waterloo               Britt to the Bone     Urban Primative     The Victorious Secrets     You Mud Bro?

or one of the many other teams already named and still registering now…..   Guess we’ll just have to wait until Saturday June 2nd to see who is able to BRING IT… and leave it all on the mountain!  BLUE-RA!

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