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With the inaugural Met Con Blue Mountain Adventure Race just days away, we once again caught up with Crossfit Trainer and nutrition guru Bill Pain for some last minute advice on nutrition for race day!

Understandably, some will be nervous in the morning and not feel like eating much before the race. But, if you can tolerate, its essential you fill up on fuel for the race, especially an insane adventure race like Met Con Blue!!

I would aim for eating 2-3 hours before you are expected to kick of the race. Stick with familiar foods, and quantity – this isn’t time to try your new “1000 calorie coconut milk shake” recipe. Solid food is best, such as eggs, sweet potato hash, and some avocado. One or two pieces of fruit is ok, just make sure to have some fat and protein with it, or it will set you up to crash later. And go easy on the coffee – you’ll have enough energy from the adrenalin already – so titrate down a bit.

For those running in the mid day to afternoon heats, just have a normal breakfast and good sized snack a couple hours before. If you feel hungry within an hour – two before your heat, try some almond butter with a banana, or some beef jerky and some nuts. Just don’t try anything with too much fiber or it may sit in your belly for the race. A small protein shake with coconut water is another great option. Just avoid any pre-packaged “race fuels”.

Drink water, lots, starting yesterday. With in 30-15 minutes before the start, you can have a very small shake with some protein, but I would recommend racing a bit hungry. You will have enough energy stored if you had a great dinner and that solid breakfast.

Bill Pain

Well MCB Nation, much like you got your training on, please make sure you get your hydration on, aka. WATER!  As Bill said, starting like yesterday!

For those who haven’t tossed their name into the mix, what are you waiting for?  Honestly, you GOT THIS, the Met Con Blue Mission is to COMPLETE the race!  Sure it is a race, so their are prizes for top place finishers, but it’s really about completing the mission!  Kick summer off conquering the most insane mountain adventure race on the planet!  

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Special thanks to Bill Pain for the great information!

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