Bye Bye Birdie

Hey recruits, today is the last day of our Earlybird promotion. This is one of those times where action today will reward with satisfaction tomorrow.

Break it down:

1) Purchasing today is a hedge against inflationary pressures brought on by both the economic climate and increased pent up public demand for the best quality, most fun, bang for your Uncle buck obstacle race on the planet.

2) Purchasing today lights that little fire inside of you to get your butt in gear to start training, eat healthy, be mindful of your body, and stop associating with the hoodlums at Mc D’s.

3) We are starting/finishing out of the Blue Mountain Village, (partaay), and there are only limited tickets available for each wave, purchasing today will prevent you from being caught with your pants down (faux pas) if you were too late in securing the race time you and your BFF’s wanted to run?? (pants down during the race, or at the afterparty is acceptable)

What r u waiting 4…Bring it…and leave it all on the mountain…MET CON BLUE STYLE !!!

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