Weighing In-MCB Style

Hey recruits, the time is fast approaching. Just weeks left to get signed up for the most insane obstacle adventure race on the planet. Bluefoot has been training hard to shed some excess baggage. All are welcomed to the MCB Training, every Tuesday and Thursday nights, 5:45 pm, South Base parking lot by the MCB map. From now until the race, here at MCB headquarters, we will be giving you some insight…

as to what to expect for obstacles in our 5 & 10 km events. We may not give you the whole enchilada, that friends may only be achieved through the On-hill training. But we will give you enough to peek curiosity, subdue anxiety, and offer some relief to those sweaty palms. If you are signed up for the Full Metal Jacket…Ahem…well…lets just say your affairs better be in order. GULP !

Thanks to Rusty’s at Blue last weekend for hosting the most insane Full Metal Jacket Party ever…and thank you to all those who stopped by the MCB tent in the Village Plaza during the long weekend.

Who’s ready to Bring it…and leave it all on the mountain!!!



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