Bluefoot 2014

Hoppy Friday!!

Met Con Nation, less than 8 weeks till we sound the horn for the most insane obstacle adventure race on the planet…the 4th Edition of Met Con Blue! We thank all of those participating in our 12 Days of Easter Give-a-ways on our Facebook Page  and helping us reach over 4000 “likes”. We have so much great news about this years best Met Con ever…

where do we begin? With a 50 cal bullet list no doubt, (you decide if the Cal stands for Calibre or Calories):

-Anybody from North of the 49th parallel and east of the Great Lakes knows this has been one of the meanest winters ever!! 2 weeks ago, all that was visible on the Sansin Highwall was the top beam. Translation? Looks like our Obstacle WHITE OUT will be the largest ever, with it sitting at 60′ in height as we speak.
-Bluefoot has been training like an animal, we mean in beast mode…err well you get the picture. But he has also been rounding up some of our favorite radio personalities to come and challenge him? Will he keep the crown? BLUE – RA!
-New Obstacle alert: Tunnel of Terror. You can scream all you want but the only mama nearby is the one from the horror movie. Watch for updates on this Obstacle.
-Our founding fathers said “Go North Son”, and that we did with both our 5km and 10 km FULL METAL JACKET courses. As the Orchard area of the Resort gets some TLC over the summer months, we are keeping the On Hill Training and both courses running to the North side of the Blue Mountain Resort. Watch for the new course map coming soon!
-The FULL METAL JACKET is going dark in the R&D departments. This means minimal updates and leaks on what to expect. We can only say that if you dreaded Davy Jones Locker and POW Extraction…Ba ha ha ha.
-The Event Central Plaza will be totally jacked with your favorite finisher, The Rockstar Pipeline.

Come back Sunday for more Hoppy updates! Helping you ease into the pain and not all at once…Met Con Blue Baby!!

Sign Up Now before the waves you want to run sell out, and beat the price increase at the end of this weekend!! Bring it….

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