2015 Course Map

Strategizing the Met Con 2015 Course

Met Con Nation, the 2015 course map is up! Here is your chance to sit down and create a winning strategy so that you and your team will be victorious in your mission.

For those brave soldiers who have conquered the MCB before, who will know that the course has changed every year, making it new, challenging, and exciting. You will also know that even though we called it a 5km race, it has always been longer. Past participants will also remember that we also offered a 10km race, which has been dropped. The result…we now label it, “The Race”. No attached distance, (a don’t tell, don’t ask policy), and a combination of all the best qualities and obstacles into one course. We are starting in the Blue Mountain Village, and heading up the Orchard for our first incline. The basic strategy: continue to practise running hills/stairs. The most overlooked obstacle is the hill, not to say we haven’t thrown in some super challenging obstacles…Tower of Terror!! For those looking for the inside scoop,  Met Con On Hill Training starts May 5th, 2015, at Blue Mountain Resort. Sign up at support@metconrace.com and we will make sure you are confident come race day in completing your mission. Rally the troops and SIGN UP NOW! Bring it…and leave it all on the mountain!

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