MCB Stuffing Etiquette

Do the pants feel tighter?  Have you gone to the “next level” on your belt?  Has anybody commented “Hey Grade Five is calling and they want their shirt back!”  Like most of us, this is the case.  But Met Con Blue has a sure fire way to fight the holiday belly blues…Keep Eating!

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Visit MCB at Blue Mountain Village

Holiday Information Centre

Come visit us at our Holiday Information Centre in the Blue Mountain Village.  We are located right across from Royal Majesty Expresso Bakery, (yummy).  We will be available from December the 26th-31st, 10am-5pm every day, to answer any questions you may have, including:

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MCB Holidays: Turkey or Chicken


Good day recruits.  Thanks to those for enlisting right away!  You have secured your time slot for the most insane Mountain Adventure Race on the planet and are now part of the Met Con Blue Nation!  Today we are sharing a holiday adventure racing tip…Mental Strength Training: Turkey or Chicken?

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Welcome to the “MCB” Blog!

Met Con Blue Mud Run Canada

Welcome to the Met Con Blue Mountain Adventure Race blog. Here you will be let in on what it takes to be part of the toughest Nation on the planet! Our Nation – The Met Con Blue Nation! We will share tips, videos, and maybe even a few secrets on what it takes to conquer the most insane 5km Mountain Adventure Race on the planet!

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