MCB 12 Days of X-Mas Give-a-ways


It that special holiday time of year again: the MCB 12 Days of X-mas Give-a-ways! This is where Met Con recruits have an opportunity to flex their MCB knowledge, and answer our daily posted FaceBook question starting December 12th,2014. Those who answer correctly…

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Small Town Service Big Box Pricing-Collingwood Home Hardware Building Centre


Atten Hut Met Con Nation! What do you get when you combine local hometown service, with big box pricing and selection…

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Remembering Our Freedoms


Met Con Blue-A Legendary Event


There is a certain malaise  when climbing 13′ in the air supported by only timber and net…

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Canadian Ski Patrollers Offer Year Round Support


The Met Con Blue Mountain Adventure Race always strives to provide the best experience for our recruits. Part of this experience is safety. The course and obstacles is our starting point, but what about all the little nips n niggles, cuts and bruises, that could, and do happen…

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Thanksgiving Turkey Dance


Met Con Nation, October is the month for giving thanks! The best thing you will ever drive is your own body. Give thanks to it this weekend by not feeling the urge to over indulge…and get out there and move! This month we also give thanks to our event sponsors so watch for our blogs packed with amazing information. Weather not cooperating…start your X-mas shopping at the Blue Mountain Resort Annual Turkey Sale! Sign Up now for the most insane obstacle adventure race on the planet while the price freeze is still on! Do the Turkey Dance cause it’s all about tha Brrr Brr…BLUE – RA !!


Name That Obstacle Contest?


Calling all Met Con recruits. We are launching bits and pieces of our 2nd new obstacle for 2015 and require your input on providing a name. Each week we will provide a photo and a hint on the obstacles characteristics. Attached is your 1st photo. Submit your suggested obstacle name throughout the month of September on our Facebook Page and you will be entered to win a free registration for either yourself or your commrade. Sign Up Now for the most insane obstacle adventure race on the planet….BLUE – RA baby!!!

Coyote Chronicle

CFB Meaford

Here it MCB Nation, as posted by the 4th Canadian Division Master Corporal in Meaford. They had a game plan: to be the toughest MCB competition team ever. Well indeed they were victorious. MCB HQ thanks them for their support, but more importantly, thanking them, and those that serve along side them, as they sacrifice for our safety and freedoms… we sometimes take for granted in this beautiful country we call CANADA!

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Earlybird Extension


Hey Met Con Nation, the Earlybird pricing is almost ready to take flight, but we are keeping her grounded for one more week. Sign Up before midnight July 7th taking advantage of the amazing price of $49.95 before this big bird flys the coop!

Check out one of 3 new obstacles for 2015..Tower of Terror!

Official MCB 2014 Video

new  MET CON POSTER JUNE 13 2015  for email

Sign Up now for 2015 with Earlybird pricing and check out the Official MCB 2014 video by Chrilleks Production House and some insight on the 2015 event…

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