Race Day Details

All participants entered in the Met Con Blue Mountain Adventure Race receive a Race Pak. Included in the Race Pak:

  • Custom Met Con Blue Mountain Adventure Race Shirt…Sweet!
  • Met Con Blue Limited Edition Medal of Honor…Collectable!
  • Met Con Blues Totes…Sick!
  • One Beer Ticket…Cold enough to make your fingers Blue!
What else?

  • Participating Blue Mountain Village licensed establishments with Grub and Beer (Mmm…Canadian Beer)
  • Live Music
  • Live People, Real and Talking, Some FB Posting (Mmm…Canadian Peeps)
  • Vendor Showcase with clothing and merchandise and FREE SAMPLES
What should I wear?

Your Momma’s nighty! This is no semi-formal soldier. You need to start with proper footwear, preferably with laces and no open toes. Anything crazier on top of that, you could actually win yourself some prizes!

Is it safe?

Well Soldier, you signed a waiver, which means the ride could get bumpy. But we assure all our participants that our course obstacles were safely and structurally engineered, and that we take every precaution to allow you to reach the finish line in one piece. We do however carry an abundance of Emergency Services on hand just in case of emergency. Our course was also designed so that these emergency services have quick access to the main roads, which are literally a few hundred feet from the course.

Types of Races

The Waves

These are not run o’ the mill events by any means. They have one goal. To test each participants core athletic ability. The waves run every half our, with a starting grid of 250 people. There are 2 water stations throughout the course, with lots of support staff. Upon finishing the race, regardless of your time: Adrenaline Level=10, Sense of Accomplishment= 10, Fun had by All= 10, Women from Collingwood, you guessed it=10′s. You see the pattern!

Team Racing

Heck ya! Every race is a teams race!. Sign Up, and in the registration form, insert Team Name in the dialog box provided. Have as many friends as you like Sign Up as well, remembering to input the same Team Name, in the dialogue box provided. Create a theme around your team to really stand out and win prizes.


How many obstacles are there?

There are 20 body beating obstacle scheduled in the Met Con Blue Mountain Adventure Race!! We can not even list them due to liability. Can you handle it Soldier!!

Can I go around the obstacle?

Jump, climb, scratch, stop, drop and roll your way through. Yell…HELP!! You’ll make it through. If you do happen to miss one, you’ll still get your MCB stripes….but we keep your dignity! Yes SIR!

I can’t swim?

Consider yourself safe soldier. You may be required to hold your breath at Blue Lagoon, and you may come out a little blue and shrivelled from The Cold Plunge, but that’s it!

Sign Up

How do I sign up?

Online through our registration page or by calling our support line, 705-444-0500, with Visa or MasterCard.

What if I have to cancel?

We have a no refund policy, and no transfer policy. (see: Aliens below)


Met Con Blue Mountain Adventure Race spring training officially starts some time in May, 2017. Check Back to this page for Updates!

Blue Grub

Food and Shopping

There is Grub right here in the Blue Mountain Village. From Poutine to Pizza to steak. We have it all!

For those supporting attendees who choose R & R for the day, we have eclectic arrangements of friendly stores and shops. Pop in and see all that is being offered!

Shut Eye

You raced with heart, ate like a champion, and consumed with intelligent reservation. Time to chill. Blue Mountain Resort and Blue Mountain Village carry the most extensive array of accommodation. Whether you are a couple, or a team, they have the amenities on hand to make your stay unforgettable.


Aliens and Sasquatch

Ok so, you’re in Canada eh! And some of the things we are well known for: Beer, which we have plenty of, and: Back Bacon…ditto.

But we are also the number one spot for alien spotting and abduction?? Why? There’s nobody around, and these little guys come and go as they please. NORAD doesn’t reach this far on cloudy days.
But not to worry, we have lots of Military support, and our Canadian Forces Kick Butt, so chances are they’ll stay clear away from the Met Con Blue Course and Area. If you do happen to see one, just clench and run faster than the guy or girl beside you!  But if they say “nanu-nanu”, it’s probably JoneeKarson or SamiDaviz Jr.  They are cool!

Sasquatch, AKA Bigfoot, (and Yeti, which means grandpa Bigfoot in their native tongue, cause they’re grey and old). These guys may startle you, but they’ll be the first hairy mitt to help you over an obstacle. Blue Mountain is home to an elusive local, dubbed Bluefoot. If you spot him, take a photo and post it immediately, because he is an anomaly (another word for friendly animal).

Canadian Sasquatch

Last known photo: circa 1982, in the Orchards.


Their stats:

      • They don’t smell the best.
      • They’re really cool.
      • They speak our language, although very shy.
      • Favourite Movie: Hairy and the Hendersons(1987)
      • They love beer. This is where all the extra tickets end up.

And last but not least, Santa likes to vaca here at the Resort during his off season. He has signed up for the Race, but his attendance hinges on the Leafs making the Stanley Cup Finals… GO LEAFS GO !!

Blue Ra

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