Saturday June 10th, 2017 BLUE MOUNTAIN RESORT, ONTARIO
All new 2017 certifiably insane course !


Another obstacle adventure race…Yea right eh !!!  This one is 100% Certified Canadian.  What does that mean?

We live in igloos and eat snow for breakfast.  We invented poutine, and top it with back bacon; we use beer in our cereal,…Take a Selfie..puleease!!

We can make a fire by snapping our fingers.

Only 10% of the country has hydro and running water.

Our terrain is the most inhospitable in the world.  Hell, this mountain will offer ass-kickery any time of the year.  Oh did we mention our course,…a punishing 18 hard-core obstacles, with a distance somewhere between 5-8km,   66 % uphill.  Talking obstacles that are eligable for Guinness World Records as most insane!!

What kind of mentality does this breed??

We’ll tell you what we are “aboot”..

We are the toughest nation on the planet!  Welcome to the Met Con Blue Nation!

Join us… and Bring it… and leave it all on the mountain!
© Met Con Race Corp. Canada's most insane obstacle course training!