Course MP’s

Course Officials, MP’s, Staff and Volunteers

• Any participant who disobeys ruling or instructions from any course MP’s, may be subject to disqualification and/or removal from the race. This includes but is not limited to unsportsmanlike behaviour, offensive language, nudity and excessive use/inability to complete any obstacles.

• Any participant, after leaving the course, may NOT return to the course.

• Any participant found to have altered or shortened the intended and marked course by any means or length may be subject to immediate disqualification.

• Any participant with a non-registered RFID-pacesetter shall be immediately disqualified.

• Any participant found not to be wearing an official race bib number or timing device shall be immediately disqualified from the Met Con Blue Mountain Adventure Race.

• Only participants and Met Con Blue Staff, Volunteers, Course MP’s are allowed entering or accessing the Met Con Blue Mountain Adventure Race course or any obstacles at any time for any reason without prior written approval from event officials.

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