Met Con will run 2 day OCR Training Camps throughout the calendar year. The camps run as follows:


- on site meal/snack preparation demo; ideas with over 150 page Nutrition Guide & recipes to take home

- suggestions on proper race attire, do’ n don’ts

- cardio, cardio, cardio, with a bit of HIIT training both days along with an Endurance Training Guide!

- Your own OCR Strength Program with hands on skill work and tidbits on conquering the toughest obstacles we have onsite: monkey bars, highwalls, rope climbs, and yes the quarter pipe !

- workouts that will have you perfecting bucket carries, sandbag carries, rings, water, tire flips, burpees, grip strength AND MORE!

- fun but challenging workouts you can do at home while you prep for your next race!


Our Next OCR Camp Is Saturday September 9th & 10th

CLICK HERE to sign up!

START TIME : Saturday 9:00 am – 5:00pm/ Sunday 9:00am – 4:00pm

LOCATION : By-Gone Days Farm, 6th St., Collingwood, ON

ACCOMODATION : Days Inn Collingwood, (705)-444-1880/ Comfort Inn Collingwood, (855) 973-7216, Blue Mountain Resort, (705)-445-0231

GEAR : Bring gear for all weather and suggested a back up pair of dry shoes (running or trail)

QUESTIONS : j.smeh@metconblue.com or 705-444-0500


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