Free Your Mind..


and the rest will follow! Meditation is a self-directed routine for relaxing the body and calming the  mind. Meditation exercises make you more aware and observant by focusing on what  is happening in the moment. The word meditation is derived from two Latin  words: ‘meditari,’ which means to think, dwell upon or exercise the mind and  ‘mederi,’ to heal. Although derived from the ancients, many people and animals all over our earth, (and the others), use meditation exercises to relax their minds and bodies. On the cheap, what does this two cents really mean…

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Bluefoot Interview; Let’s Pounce!

Bluefoot Reebok Crossfit

Crawling out of his cave yesterday in the middle of a snowstorm, Bluefoot sat down with us in his first ever interview, to talk about how training for MCB is going, what he is most looking forward to on event day, where he is drawing his inspiration from, relationship drama and so much more…..

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MCB guarantees participants will be STRATUSFIED!

Trish Stratus

You may know her from her days as a fitness model, you might know her from her days in the ring, or you might know her as your yoga guru….  Ladies and gents, boys and girls, MCB Nation….

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An MCB Journey… Director Style!


Well, we have given you the first step on your MCB mission, we have shared a few training tips, now recruits we shall share the first step one of our directors is taking…. CLEANSING!

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New Team Added:Swiss Meadows Meatheads

Swiss Meadows MEAT Heads

Hey Met Con Blue recruits, and wannabe’s, a new hat,  so to speak, has been thrown into the ring. The Swiss Meadows Meatheads. Do not underestimate this team. Yes there name implies an Archie Bunker stereotype, and yes they may suffer from lack of oxygen due to altitude, but do not forget their unfair advantage over most teams…

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It has emerged!

The elusive Blue Foot

Emerging from the mountain…  Preparing to train for Met Con Blue….  It is the creature known to many as the elusive BLUE FOOT!

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Live Coverage: Bluefoot This Saturday Jan 7th!

Bluefoot T

When asked, “Oprah, the one interview that got away?”  She’ll tell you…”MC Bluefoot.  He is tall, dark and handsome, with swagger bigger than Jagger!  Recruits, Stay Tuned!

Early Bird catches the……..

Early Bird catches the..... GoPro

The Early Bird catches the worm GoPro!

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Met Con Blue Years Resolution

Can you spot Bluefoot at Firehall

Happy New Years to all our current and future recruits!!  The Epic Blue Binge is now officially over.  Time to set goals, and create a “Blue-print” on how to achieve these goals.  Two of our Directors are Crossfit Coaches, and CanFit Pro certified.  If you have any training or nutrition questions, post it on our Faceboo…“We interupt this Blog as there has been another Bluefoot spotting…

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Have you spotted MCB’s Bluefoot?

Met Con Blue's Bluefoot spotted at Blue Mountain Resort

The elusive creature known as, Met Con Blue’s “Bluefoot” has been spotted hanging around at Blue Mountain Resort this week.

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