Team Update!

Gritty Kitties

ok ok ok…read’em n weep! Some have cashed out, but the many that have bought in are ready to colour up

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Ring the Alarm!


MCB Nation, Friday August 31st, 2012, time to turn up the temperature for our official Met Con Blue/Southern Comfort Ring the Alarm Party takes place at the world famous Rusty’s at Blue, 10pm!      NO COVER!

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We totally see skills!

All Talk No Skills

Their team captain, Karen Cubitt won the Early Bird catches the GoPro contest, and along with the GoPro they had the opportunity to have guys running with their team to film all their skills, as they conquered the most insane 5km mountain adventure race on the planet! 

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Super Duper!


The votes ‘likes’ have been counted and the winner of the Win a GoPro MCB Style contest is…..

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Sharing is FUN!

Trish and Bluefoot

We’re taught from a very young age to share!  So MCB Nation, that is just what we want you to do!  Share with all your friends, on facebook and twitter!

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Destination: MCB 2012


We’re talkin adventure races here recruits. The thrills, the chills, and the spills are exploding onto the fitness scene faster than you can say Blue Ra Bliggity Blue. And so inquiring minds want to know…and here is an excerpt from our latest fan mail posing the question…

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Lights, Camera, ACTION… MCB Style!!

GoPro fire jumping

MCB Nation, how would you like to win a GoPro Camera?  Gather up all the footage you shot at Met Con Blue and create the most amazing video, of the most insane 5km mountain adventure race on the planet and you could win yourself a GoPro Camera!

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Captured, Mission Complete!

Fire Fight

MCB Nation, now is your chance, you can go online to our photo gallery and purchase images, conquering the most insane mountain adventure race on the planet!

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Mission Complete!

Obstacle 3


Our MCB Crew could not be more proud of each and every one of our recruits! Congratulations to all who came out to take on the inaugural Met Con Blue Mountain Adventure Race, you BROUGHT IT…. and left it all on the mountain!  #BLUERA

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Fuel up!


With the inaugural Met Con Blue Mountain Adventure Race just days away, we once again caught up with Crossfit Trainer and nutrition guru Bill Pain for some last minute advice on nutrition for race day!

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