Cold Weather Training

white out

Typical winter training in our part of North America means bundling up and getting outdoors. We have toughened our skins to ski, skate, snowshoe, toboggan, and yes even jog through the winter months. But this winter has shown us some of the most extreme cold temperatures in decades. Now what?

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NHL Officials Stratusfied


MCB nation, the Met Con Blue NHLOA training camp concluded with some genuine stratusfaction…

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NHL Officials are Back!


MCB nation, it’s that time of year when the geese are flying south, the fall colors are coming in, and the NHL officials are returning to the Blue Mountains for their 7th year and will be participating in a special Met Con Blue planned training session for the second year in a row.

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Met Con Medals!


Congratulations to all the MCB Recruits who took part in MCB 2013 on June 15th.  Each one of you accepted our mission to complete the most insane obstacle adventure race on the planet and you completed it! #BLUERA

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