Burpees Are Fun Said No One Ever


Met Con Nation, we are looking to begin building on our endurance. It may be raining outside, but we have a sure fire way of warming you up and getting your heart rate ready for the 2017 Met Con OCR season…

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Strategizing the Met Con 2015 Course

2015 Course Map

Met Con Nation, the 2015 course map is up! Here is your chance to sit down and create a winning strategy so that you and your team will be victorious in your mission.

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Cold Weather Training

white out

Typical winter training in our part of North America means bundling up and getting outdoors. We have toughened our skins to ski, skate, snowshoe, toboggan, and yes even jog through the winter months. But this winter has shown us some of the most extreme cold temperatures in decades. Now what?

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MadDog Give-a-ways


Met Con Blue Nation…today MadDog from the Breakfast Show at Virgin 99.9 did some free registration give-a-ways! Listen all this week and next week for your chance to win! 10km recruits..we hope you like snow, cause we have saved you a bunch of the cold stuff for obstacle White Out….

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Can Fit Pro


Met Con Blue is gearing up for another fantastic weekend in preparation for the most insane 5km mountain adventure race on the planet! Can Fit Pro Seminar, Trade Show, and Fitness Competitions are running this weekend at the Metro Toronto Convention Center. Anything you ever wanted to know about perfecting your fitness is here under one roof. Some of the weekend highlites are …

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What’s in a name?


We’ve been asked a number of times what Met Con Blue means or stands for….  

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ALC BLUE WARRIORS are in the mix…..


Another team has submitted their team logo, and isn’t she a beauty!                                 ALC BLUE WARRIORS….  

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Step two…. MCB Director Style!

MCB Director Style, step two!

Well recruits about a month ago we shared with you how one director had taken her first step in her journey to MCB… A cleanse!  She has now taken step two, Crossfit and is here to share!

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Get ready to get your warm up on!

Whirly Bird Weekly Winners

We want to ensure you’re all set to conquer the mountain on Saturday, June 2nd.  So to do that, we bring you “When Obstacles Attack!”

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Whirly Bird Weekly….

Whiryl Bird Weekly

Our Early Bird has caught the worm GoPro!  ( winner will be announced tomorrow, so check back at 8:00am. ) Recruits we have now entered the Whirly Bird timezone (WBT)!  

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