The Reaping-Obstacle


MCB Nation, what you need to know about the new 2016 obstacle: The Reaping. There are only 2 ways in…

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We Are The Met Con Nation


We salute those who etched their names in Met Con history in our 5th Edition of Met Con Blue! One of this years winners is no stranger to handling the 105 mm MCB trophy…

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MCB 12 Days of X-Mas Give-a-ways


It that special holiday time of year again: the MCB 12 Days of X-mas Give-a-ways! This is where Met Con recruits have an opportunity to flex their MCB knowledge, and answer our daily posted FaceBook question starting December 12th,2014. Those who answer correctly…

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Canadian Ski Patrollers Offer Year Round Support


The Met Con Blue Mountain Adventure Race always strives to provide the best experience for our recruits. Part of this experience is safety. The course and obstacles is our starting point, but what about all the little nips n niggles, cuts and bruises, that could, and do happen…

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10:00 am Wave Closing


Attention Met Con Nation, the 10:00 am wave is closing this Saturday March 22 at midnight! If you are a part of a team running in this wave, the time has come to throw your name in the ring. Sign Up now for the most insane obstacle adventure race on the planet…Met Con Blue baby at Blue Mountain Resort Collingwood!

12 Days Are Here Already!!


12 days of Christmas give-a-ways are here. Starting tomorrow, it’s on! Answer your questions each day correctlly to enter your chance to win. Each morning, we post the winner’s name on our Facebook page from the previous day. Your chance to get some insanly cool swag BEFORE the big man in the red suit shows up, (talking about Santa not your Uncle Pete). Sign Up now before the Earlybird prices go up January 7th, 2014!!!

50 Shades of Mud

Shades of Mud2

We all know the obvious why most of us run adventure races. It’s the primal instinct of challenge , fear, drawing out adrenaline which gives us the rush. But wait!  A close friend informed me on other instincts which have now associated themselves to the Met Con Blue Mountain Adventure Races…

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Racing like YOLO!


Met Con Blue Nation, you have earned your stripes! What an amazing feat of strength, courage, and determination … by completing the most insane 5km mountain adventure race on the planet! How did all this come about…TEAMWORK!!
We thank all of our participants for bringing it…and leaving it all on the mountain!
We thank all of our volunteer base from Georgian College, through our local community, to the Coyotes, for watching our backs every muddy step of the way.
Big shouts to the Blue’s Brothers from another motha…the most pro crew of Blue Mountain Resorts Ltd., for providing the support and venue like nobody’s business!!
CSPS Ontario for keeping us safe and providing band-aids when needed.
All the local gyms and training camps who conditioned our athletes.
And to the following amazing supporters, innovators, and sponsors…with out y’all, BLUE – RA would not have the same meaning…

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Countdown is ON!


The countdown is on. We are just days away from the most insane mountain adventure race on the planet, the PERFECT way to kick off summer 2012 don’t you agree?

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Happy St. Patty’s Day


Sometimes we take time out to reflect. We find solstice in our friends, and green beverages. It’s not JoneeKarson and SamiDaviz Jr day! Although those little aliens are green, the only things they have in common with Leprechaun’s are the Manolo’s. This lady is NOT running the Met Con Blue Mountain Adventure Race.  Sheila says she WILL be there to hoist a glass to cheer her “favorite tighty”. What? Don’t go there kimosabe.. but she also claims the better part of her is Irish, and she is a huge fan of the the Met Con Blue Mountain Adventure Race. Come one, come all, to the most insane 5km mountain adventure race on the planet!… but for today…

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