Bionic Bluefoot

Bluefoot Mentors

From the elusive Bluefoot:

Now all you super fit peeps,  Who think you’re fly,
There’s got to be a reason And we know the reason why.
You try to put on Nike Airs And act real cool.  But you got to realise That you’re acting like fools.
If there’s fitness we can witness and now here’s your chance.  We don’t have the time For physiological romance.
No romance No romance….. No romance for me !!!
mama ….Come on people tell me what’s the word.      Ah – BLUE – RA - …it’s the code word
When you hear the call get your sign up and be heard,
Ah - BLUE – RA !!
N’matter what you say, Met Con Blue is now for real the only way!!

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Taken for Granted: our 70th Post.


Every morning it is so easy to wake up. For most we reach over, hit the snooze…9 minutes later, hit it again, roll off the sheets, jump out of bed, and get our day going. We trek through our days activities on our own terms and on a safe playing field. The drama that happens to us is most relevant, self-serving, brought upon ourselves, usually stressful, and even becomes critical in our lives. But if we continuously remind ourselves to smell the roses, as we are taught by our elders, we realize our lives are quite effortless, and stress free, when in comparison to others. A definition of this term states: It means to slow down your life and appreciate the small things that can give us much pleasure such as smelling a rose.

At Met Con Blue, we would like to add: Open your eyes, your heart, and look around..forget about keeping up with the Joneses…and offer infinite support to those in our community who we so callously forget and neglect, while we take our own lives so easily for granted.


Happy Sunday!


Happy 1st Sunday after the full moon! A day by any other name, is still that, just a day. But in our supersonic world, it is important to mark days for us to wind down, and spend real time, with real people, and acknowledge our brotherhood as temporary inhabitants of this small little place we call earth. Met Con Blue Mountain Adventure Race would like to take today to say thank you to all our family, friends, and race recruits. This support strengthens the Met Con Nation. But our backbone, without question is our sponsors and small business owners, (sometimes invisible), but today we truly thank them for their support… in no particular order:

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Fall and Divide set to rock MCB!

Fall and Divide

The adrenaline and excitement will carry from the course to event central when modern rock band, Fall and Divide hit the stage!

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The Salads… Let’s Party!

The Salads

After you tear it up on the course, sit back, hang with your friends, grab a beer ( for those of legal drinking age! ) and listen to some wicked bands…  One such band rocking the stage at MCB will be, The Salads!

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Hunger Games?..try Whirlybird Announcement!


This Whirlybird is rising out of the flames like a phoenix. Even as far as Sault Ste. Marie: Met Con Blue Mountain Adventure Race has been exploding on the Adventure Racing scene like an M-80. Exactly 12 short weeks ago, we launched this fitness challenge on the province of Ontario, promising an all Canadian Obstacle Adventure Race, like no other in the country. People of Ontario have responded and started to train.

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MCB Promo Whip Means More Winning!


Hey Y’all. Exciting news! Met Con Blue is rolling out a new Promo Ride. What does this mean for mes petits soldats (meaning  already registered for Met Con Blue)…

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Music of the Sun


Can one ever imagine living in Southern Ontario in the middle of March and having a week of plus 20 C weather? … and this gorgeous sunshine? forgetaboutit ! Interestingly enough, not only has the climate temporarily changed, but so have all of us experiencing this rarity. People smiling, jogging, laughing, active, happy, motorcycles, convertibles, tacos, fettuccine, linguine, martini, bikini…what happened to the misery? At Met Con Blue, we have our own theory, but here’s what the gulu’s say…

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Whirlybird Weekly Winners


Here they are, in no particular order, and Winning a Met Con Blue , “The Bootprint” T-shirt, and the Met Con Blue “Private” Beanie…your Whirlybird Weekly Winners for the week ending March 18th…

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Happy St. Patty’s Day


Sometimes we take time out to reflect. We find solstice in our friends, and green beverages. It’s not JoneeKarson and SamiDaviz Jr day! Although those little aliens are green, the only things they have in common with Leprechaun’s are the Manolo’s. This lady is NOT running the Met Con Blue Mountain Adventure Race.  Sheila says she WILL be there to hoist a glass to cheer her “favorite tighty”. What? Don’t go there kimosabe.. but she also claims the better part of her is Irish, and she is a huge fan of the the Met Con Blue Mountain Adventure Race. Come one, come all, to the most insane 5km mountain adventure race on the planet!… but for today…

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