20 Days to Race In Style


Met Con Race fans, its that time of year again where HQ offers a little something for those registering themselves, or family/friends, during our 20 Days to Race In Style promotion. Sign up between now and midnight Tuesday Jan 3rd, 2017, …

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The Reaping-Obstacle


MCB Nation, what you need to know about the new 2016 obstacle: The Reaping. There are only 2 ways in…

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Met Con Training Begins May 6th !


Calling all Met Con recruits. As winter finally sheds its white weight, it’s time for those thinking about victory to begin the preparatory steps to necessitate the sweet taste drinking from the 105 mm Met Con Trophy. It all starts this week, Tuesday May 6th, 5:30 pm, North Parking lot off of  Grey Rd 19, at Blue Mountain Resort. Here you will find the secrets to victory within the 5km, and Full Metal Jacket events. This training will prepare you for the following:
What to Wear      How to Pace for Hills      Strategic Points to Pass     Technical Info on the Obstacles      How Will Weather Effect Your Performance      How does Diet Play a Factor
Zen Breathing Secrets      Muscle Strengthening To Overcome Obstacles    Mental Mind Building Techniques      The Art of Levitation      Backdoor Insight on The Course
Pacing Yourself Through the Afterburner Party      How To Promote Yourself Through The Event      Hangover Cures and More…

Tuesday and Thursday nights for 10 sessions??? What Are You waiting for?

Sign Up Now at Met Con Training Camp and May The 4th Be With You !!!

Registration is $15.00 pp/day, non registered particiapnt

And $10.00 pp/day, for registered MCB recruits.


When life gives you Lemons.


Hey recruits, MCB held a contest between December 30th, 2013, and January 7th, 2014. The largest Team to sign up within this time frame would be awarded custom made race t’s for the MCB June 14th, 2014 event. The winning team was …

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Bieber and Bluefoot

Justin Bieber Cutout

Over the holidays, rumours where swirling that Justin Bieber was at Blue Mountain Resort. Last week, In Touch Magazine confirmed in an article, that yes he was indeed there. FYI MCB nation, this is not the first time the Bieb’s has been up. And we’ll let you in on a little secret…he and Bluefoot are BFF’s, and regularly board together in the winter months. The above photo was taken during the winter of 2012. We think it’s time that Bluefoot uses his star power to convince the Bieb’s to come and race on June 14th!!!! He actually has a good chance of winning…with 4 bodyguards piggy backing him most of the way, it should be a cinch.

10:30 Wave is Sold Out


Met Con Nation, for those that have been on the fence about enlisting for the most insane obstacle adventure race on the planet right in the heart of the Blue Mountain Resort, now is the time to get your ducks in a row. The 10:30 wave is officially sold out. Its scramble mode to get you and your team poised for victory. Organize your platoon and get signed up before the wave you want becomes sold out as well. Whirlybird pricing is in effect which means you still have a chance to save on registration. Don’t be left holding just the bag, sign up now to ensure your team can shout: mission accomplished!

Operation Hero


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MCB recruits…if you are sitting there wondering how to get your fitness on this weekend? We have some way cool ideas to increase your VO2 max locally..no fuss no muss!

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Hot Summer Nights!


On a hot summer night a storm lies in the air and our eyes are a little heavy and we’re feeling in the past tense and we’re hardly aware…we don’t want you on Facebook and we don’t want you watching AGT, but why must we always say it again ….

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Racing like YOLO!


Met Con Blue Nation, you have earned your stripes! What an amazing feat of strength, courage, and determination … by completing the most insane 5km mountain adventure race on the planet! How did all this come about…TEAMWORK!!
We thank all of our participants for bringing it…and leaving it all on the mountain!
We thank all of our volunteer base from Georgian College, through our local community, to the Coyotes, for watching our backs every muddy step of the way.
Big shouts to the Blue’s Brothers from another motha…the most pro crew of Blue Mountain Resorts Ltd., for providing the support and venue like nobody’s business!!
CSPS Ontario for keeping us safe and providing band-aids when needed.
All the local gyms and training camps who conditioned our athletes.
And to the following amazing supporters, innovators, and sponsors…with out y’all, BLUE – RA would not have the same meaning…

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MCB Launch Party..mic check 1-2!


Canadians have been training hard for the most insane obstacle adventure race on the planet. The MCB recruits work hard, so it is only fitting that they play hard. This is how we do…

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