Burpee with no Chirpee


MCB recruits, shouldbe’s and wannabe’s. The honeymoon is over…back to basic boot camp with this effective exercise, the Burpee. Sought out by many, mastered by few, do this twice weekly, and (in Shatner style) YOU, …are… on… your… way… to win… the most insane…5km… mountain… adventure race on the planet. BLUE – RA !! Catch the Earlybird with this…

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Training for the Race!


Start small..think big!  That’s how we can break down our training schedule. By choosing an elementary exercise, (with minimal costs), there are no excuses to getting fit. Only 23 days remaining for our Earlybird Registration. Make the commitment to yourself, we are here every skip of the way! Skipping 101…

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How to One Rep Max


One may claim “one rep max” on any number of exercises. Deadlift, squat clean, bench press, the list goes on! This term is actually tossed around so much, they should name a salad after it…or even a Gumbo, cause most of it is just gum service. Fortunately the Met Con Blue Crew had an opportunity to see something you can really sink your teeth into… Crossfit Element Overdose!

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MCB Stuffing Etiquette


Do the pants feel tighter?  Have you gone to the “next level” on your belt?  Has anybody commented “Hey Grade Five is calling and they want their shirt back!”  Like most of us, this is the case.  But Met Con Blue has a sure fire way to fight the holiday belly blues…Keep Eating!

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