11:00 am Wave Closing

Valentines increase

MCB Nation, the waves are filling faster than mess hall at 17:00 hours!! The 11:00 am wave is closing midnight February 14th…

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Give the Gift of Mud!

wrap me up GIFT OF MUD  smaller

Well it’s already November, Christmas will be here before you know it!  Did you know there are only six weekends left to find the perfect gift?

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Never Forget


Bye Bye Birdie


Hey recruits, today is the last day of our Earlybird promotion. This is one of those times where action today will reward with satisfaction tomorrow.

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Music of the Sun


Can one ever imagine living in Southern Ontario in the middle of March and having a week of plus 20 C weather? … and this gorgeous sunshine? forgetaboutit ! Interestingly enough, not only has the climate temporarily changed, but so have all of us experiencing this rarity. People smiling, jogging, laughing, active, happy, motorcycles, convertibles, tacos, fettuccine, linguine, martini, bikini…what happened to the misery? At Met Con Blue, we have our own theory, but here’s what the gulu’s say…

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3 Minute Abs?


What do Usher, Mark Wahlberg, Bluefoot, The Situation, Bill Pain, and Carrot Top, all have in common? Visible rectus abdominis muscles, (ha ha, that word is funny, we digress). In laymans terms: ABS. But what about the 3 Minute Ab Workout?

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Just Added:Afternoon Teams Race


Hey Y’all. Hot off the press, to meet your requests. Met Con Blue Mountain Adventure Race has added a 2:00 pm Teams Race. We flow with the status quo, just ask and ye shall recieve. New teams have already signed on for this time slot including…

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Fun for All


Think back…way back in the day.  When you were dragging knuckles, forehead bumping off tables, yea high.  Remember those summer days as kids.  Playing, running, and laughing, tag you’re it!  But wait..it starts to rain!  Do Wah Diddy, What Did We Do…

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No cocks here!!

This is a list of the Named Teams that exist and have been created for the TEAMS RACE only!  Please refer to the proper spelling when filling in your registration.  We will also be posting the TEAMS RACE LOGOS.  Each Team can submit a logo for us to post on the blog.  See below for a complete list of Named Teams…

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Welcome to the “MCB” Blog!

Met Con Blue Mud Run Canada

Welcome to the Met Con Blue Mountain Adventure Race blog. Here you will be let in on what it takes to be part of the toughest Nation on the planet! Our Nation – The Met Con Blue Nation! We will share tips, videos, and maybe even a few secrets on what it takes to conquer the most insane 5km Mountain Adventure Race on the planet!

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