You’ve been Stratusfied!

Trish WBW

For those recruits who were brave enough to throw their name into the ‘goblet of fire’ last week, let me introduce you to, 7-time WWE Woman’s Champion, fitness icon and MCB emcee Trish Stratus….

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Let’s get you Stratusfied!

Let's get Stratusfied

Well recruits, if for some reason you’ve been holding back and haven’t already thrown your name into the ‘Goblet of Fire’, ready to take on the most insane 5km mountain adventure race on the planet, then this is the week you are going to want to!  

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Step two…. MCB Director Style!

MCB Director Style, step two!

Well recruits about a month ago we shared with you how one director had taken her first step in her journey to MCB… A cleanse!  She has now taken step two, Crossfit and is here to share!

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No cocks here!!

This is a list of the Named Teams that exist and have been created for the TEAMS RACE only!  Please refer to the proper spelling when filling in your registration.  We will also be posting the TEAMS RACE LOGOS.  Each Team can submit a logo for us to post on the blog.  See below for a complete list of Named Teams…

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MCB Holidays: Turkey or Chicken


Good day recruits.  Thanks to those for enlisting right away!  You have secured your time slot for the most insane Mountain Adventure Race on the planet and are now part of the Met Con Blue Nation!  Today we are sharing a holiday adventure racing tip…Mental Strength Training: Turkey or Chicken?

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