Just Added:Afternoon Teams Race


Hey Y’all. Hot off the press, to meet your requests. Met Con Blue Mountain Adventure Race has added a 2:00 pm Teams Race. We flow with the status quo, just ask and ye shall recieve. New teams have already signed on for this time slot including…

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Bluefoot in the Blue Mountain Village


Bluefoot has been making appearances like never before.  We think it is his final human food binge, before the serious training begins.  We ask Bluefoot, “What does it take to be the fastest in the Met Con Blue Mountain Adventure Race?”…

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Welcome to the “MCB” Blog!

Met Con Blue Mud Run Canada

Welcome to the Met Con Blue Mountain Adventure Race blog. Here you will be let in on what it takes to be part of the toughest Nation on the planet! Our Nation – The Met Con Blue Nation! We will share tips, videos, and maybe even a few secrets on what it takes to conquer the most insane 5km Mountain Adventure Race on the planet!

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