It’s All about Family!


Hey Met Con Nation, we are often asked, “Why Blue Mountain Resort?”

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Weighing In-MCB Style


Hey recruits, the time is fast approaching. Just weeks left to get signed up for the most insane obstacle adventure race on the planet. Bluefoot has been training hard to shed some excess baggage. All are welcomed to the MCB Training, every Tuesday and Thursday nights, 5:45 pm, South Base parking lot by the MCB map. From now until the race, here at MCB headquarters, we will be giving you some insight…

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Rusty’s Full Metal Jacket Party


Hey MCB soldiers and soldettes. This Friday May 17th, Rusty’s at Blue Mountain Village is hosting the Met Con Blue Full Metal Jacket Party!! The place will be decked Met Con style. There will be prizes and give-a-ways, and a chance to get a glimpse of the Met Con Blue 105mm. This is way cooler than the Stanley Cup! So come early and don’t forget to wear your Met Con camo or militia gear in support of the most insane 5 & 10 km obstacle adventure race on the planet!! BLUE – RA WANTS YOU !!!

Rusty’s at Blue

Rustys Met Con Blue Party

Ever walk in somewhere at Blue Mountain Village and you get the feeling you have been there before or something feels real familiar…

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Team Captains!


I tried it, I couldn’t fight it Now I just wanna get back to me ohh baby, hoo hoo Back into the Captain I used to be…

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Ring the Alarm!


MCB Nation, Friday August 31st, 2012, time to turn up the temperature for our official Met Con Blue/Southern Comfort Ring the Alarm Party takes place at the world famous Rusty’s at Blue, 10pm!      NO COVER!

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Turn Up The Lights In Here Baby


Extra bright we want y’all to see this, Turn up the lights in here baby, You know what we got for you at Met Con…and we want you to see ….all of the lights

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MCB Launch Party..mic check 1-2!


Canadians have been training hard for the most insane obstacle adventure race on the planet. The MCB recruits work hard, so it is only fitting that they play hard. This is how we do…

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Welcome to the jungle!

Welcome to the Jungle

MCB Nation, Friday May 18th, 2012, our official Met Con Blue, CAN YOU HANDLE IT? Party!  Sponsored by Molson, we welcome you to the jungle, Rusty’s at Blue, 10pm!      NO cover!

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Dance Fever


At Met Con Blue, we always encourage all forms of activity and exercise. Often overlooked, dancing is one the best ways to stay active. Dancing is a great way for people of all ages to get and stay in shape. Besides being fun, dancing has many positive health benefits. Last night, Bluefoot took the opportunity to change up his routine, and showed his fellow humans by example, the top 4 health benefits of dancing.  Our journey begins at Rusty’s at Blue…

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