Hoppy Friday!!

Bluefoot 2014

Met Con Nation, less than 8 weeks till we sound the horn for the most insane obstacle adventure race on the planet…the 4th Edition of Met Con Blue! We thank all of those participating in our 12 Days of Easter Give-a-ways on our Facebook Page  and helping us reach over 4000 “likes”. We have so much great news about this years best Met Con ever…

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Sansin Promotes Team Building at..


Sansin Coatings Corp just released their summer newsletter. In it they describe how their staff is insane about fun and fitness. The newsletter also describes …

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Black Caddy Satty


Black Cadillacs, a term often used by the Military in reference to their standard issue boots. One may assume the term indicates they are well built, plush, and hopefully comfortable in the long haul. This is what you recruits will need as Met Con Blue is stoked to offer…

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Quality vs Quantity


At Met Con Blue Mountain Adventure Race, our obstacles define our character and commitment to excellence. Most of them will still be standing 50 years from now! Here’s an inside look at the monuments we are building for your ultimate pleasure…

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Obstacle #6 – It’s High Wall time baby!

Stating to emerge

Another quick sneak peek, the Sansin High Wall has begun to emerge!  In true MCB Style, can we get a BLUE-RA for our latest guest blogger, and one of our event sponsors Sansin, providing our MCB Nation with some wicked insight into how our obstacles will be treated!

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Sansin High Wall


Here at Met Con Blue Mountain Adventure Race, Biggie Smalls, the number one questions asked: “how high is the wall? are there any ropes? what if I am the last one trying to get up and over, does someone have to pull me up?” Quick answers:high, nope, and yup. This obstacle is not a cotillion in the woods, where we all prance around with pink translucent wings, and can just wish ourselves over the other side. Soldier, You are not in Kansas anymore. Insofacto..

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