The Reaping-Obstacle


MCB Nation, what you need to know about the new 2016 obstacle: The Reaping. There are only 2 ways in…

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Final Countdown


MCB Nation, if you have been on the fence about this years most insane obstacle adventure race on the planet, here is some VIP incentive…

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9:30 5k & 9:45 FMJ Waves Closing


The Met Con Nation support has been overwhelming for the 4th Edition. This years MCB will be the best ever. If you have friends, family or team members wanting in on the 9:30 5km wave, or the 9:45 Full Metal Jacket 10km, these waves are closing Wednesday May 7th at midnight. This is your one and only opportunity to get into these waves and ya know…if ya snooze…well, you just have to pick one of the remaining time slots as there are no losers at Met Con.

We had some FB peeps email, “Why close a wave?” Well as insane as the event is, we still want all to have the maximum fun with the least amount of risk and no necking…err bottle necking!

So bring it…and leave it all on the mountain! Diggity Biggity Bob Barker BLUE – RA !!!



The Met Con Blue Nation has proven itself once again as being the toughest nation. If 65 mm of rain was not enough to stop our recruits, nothing ever will; at anything they inspire to do! The rain also didn’t dampen any spirits!  Met Con Blue had its first marriage proposal.  Michael Terry was on bended knee waiting as his girlfriend Becka Herkert completed the grueling course!  Congratulations to Mike and Becka!  No wonder we are touted the most insane 5km (actually 6.4 km), mountain adventure race on the planet, it makes people do crazy things! We are currently offering the June 15th, 2013 race tickets on sale now for a limited time, and here’s what you might expect…

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A 16th obstacle? hmm…….


MCB recruits it seems as if Mother Nature may just want to add a 16th obstacle to our course tomorrow!  

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Become part of a growing nation!


Wanting to become part of a fast growing nation?  The Met Con Blue Nation, but running 5 grueling km of mountain terrain, and overcoming 15 hardcore obstacles just don’t seem like your thing….

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Black Caddy Satty


Black Cadillacs, a term often used by the Military in reference to their standard issue boots. One may assume the term indicates they are well built, plush, and hopefully comfortable in the long haul. This is what you recruits will need as Met Con Blue is stoked to offer…

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The Dependables 2


At Met Con Blue, we leave no man, (or woman), behind. We believe that no one is expendable, and we always like to think that when you look over your shoulder to get a boost over the high wall….

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We totally see skills!

All Talk No Skills

Their team captain, Karen Cubitt won the Early Bird catches the GoPro contest, and along with the GoPro they had the opportunity to have guys running with their team to film all their skills, as they conquered the most insane 5km mountain adventure race on the planet! 

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Sharing is FUN!

Trish and Bluefoot

We’re taught from a very young age to share!  So MCB Nation, that is just what we want you to do!  Share with all your friends, on facebook and twitter!

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