Whirly Bird Ending


Happy Holidays MCB fans! Its going to be an amazing weekend for most of our province. Get out and start preparing mentally and physically with running, hiking, skiing, paddle boarding, cycling, football, road hockey… this weekend, we have the best of both worlds. For those sitting on the fence…

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7x WWE Woman’s Champion, two recruits, one insane mtn. adventure race!


Not only will they be conquering the most insane 5km mountain adventure race on the planet!  BUT on Saturday, June 2nd these two lucky recruits will also be meeting 7X WWE Woman’s champion, fitness icon and our event emcee Trish Stratus!

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Let’s do it!

Trish and Bluefoot

Have you got what it takes to be part of the Met Con Blue Nation?  We’re sure you do, so stop thinking about it, stop talking about it, and let’s do it!  

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Fall and Divide picks the WBW….

Fall and Divide

MCB Nation wishes to thank Drew Wright from Fall and Divide for picking the winner from last weeks Whirly Bird Weekly…

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The Reaping Day… MCB Style!

Bluefoot at Scandinave Spa

MCB Nation, on this WBW ( aka. Whirly Bird Weekly ) reaping day you want to hear your name read!  We suspect that many of you would eagerly volunteer as tribute today…

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Rejuvenated, revitalized and relaxed, that’s how the Whirly Bird Rolls!

Scandinave Fall 2011

MCB Nation….  This weeks WBW ( aka. Whirly Bird Weekly ) will have one lucky recruit rejuvenated, revitalized and relaxed!

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You’ve been Stratusfied!

Trish WBW

For those recruits who were brave enough to throw their name into the ‘goblet of fire’ last week, let me introduce you to, 7-time WWE Woman’s Champion, fitness icon and MCB emcee Trish Stratus….

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Let’s get you Stratusfied!

Let's get Stratusfied

Well recruits, if for some reason you’ve been holding back and haven’t already thrown your name into the ‘Goblet of Fire’, ready to take on the most insane 5km mountain adventure race on the planet, then this is the week you are going to want to!  

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Hunger Games?..try Whirlybird Announcement!


This Whirlybird is rising out of the flames like a phoenix. Even as far as Sault Ste. Marie: Met Con Blue Mountain Adventure Race has been exploding on the Adventure Racing scene like an M-80. Exactly 12 short weeks ago, we launched this fitness challenge on the province of Ontario, promising an all Canadian Obstacle Adventure Race, like no other in the country. People of Ontario have responded and started to train.

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Whirlybird Weekly Winners


Here they are, in no particular order, and Winning a Met Con Blue , “The Bootprint” T-shirt, and the Met Con Blue “Private” Beanie…your Whirlybird Weekly Winners for the week ending March 18th…

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